1. Course and exam date(s) and timing(s) are subject to change.
    2. Classes are subject to cancellation if the minimum number of student registered is not achieved.
    3. All assessments are to be completed. Failure to do so will automatically mark the student absent.
    4. For companies, the amount is payable 30 days from the date of the invoice.
    5. Installment plan is only applicable to weekend classes, block/ daily classes must be paid full.
    6. Installment payment due dates must be followed accordingly. Failure to settle the accounts, provision of classes and materials will be put on hold.
    7. Strictly no full payment, no exam and no certification. Accounts must be settled before any exam registration.
    8. Refund Policy 
      • For courses cancelled by QHSE International, a 100% refund of course fee shall be given
      • Courses may be cancelled without charge providing written notice of the cancellation is received at least 2 weeks before the scheduled start of the course.
      • If cancellation occurs a week prior to the scheduled start of the course, a student will qualify for a 75% refund of the registration fee owing to administrative expenses related to Trainer, Venue, and Course Material.
      • Failure of a delegate to attend on the training day, QHSE International reserves the right to charge the whole course fee.
      • Failure of student to request a refund within one year of payment, QHSE International reserves the right to refuse the refund.


Our Staff and Trainers are unyielding in the determination to uphold high standards of achievement and conduct

To provide students with an honest learning environment. Expect that all dealings will be straight forwarded, transparent, and in truthful manner, free from deception or fraud.

To provide students with up-to-date syllabus and accredited trainers.

To be your pillar of support through continuous learning and development.

To provide unlimited access to class for candidates who wants to re-sit the exam.


To join us in preserving our standards of achievement and conduct.

Must do your share to protect and preserve our training environment and to see that all members of the community are treated with dignity and respect, regardless of race, gender, religion, or social background.

To be honest throughout the learning process and should avoid cheating on exams, plagiarism, or receiving unauthorized help on out-of-class work.

To study hard and avoid absences, tardiness and leaving early from class work.

To study hard and avoid absences, tardiness and leaving early from class.