NEBOSH Exam Registration

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Examination Month

Date of birth

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Attach Copy of the Receipt


1. I understand & accept that I must bring the Passport or National photographic ID as recorded on the registration form with me on the exam day and a copy of the confirmation of entry.
2. Forms submitted after the closing date will not be accepted.
3. Payment must be made before registering online. Clear copy of the receipt must be attached in order to be registered.
4. After the closing date the exam fee is non-refundable.
5.The examination fee is refundable if a candidate withdraws their entry on medical grounds or misses the exam because of illness or death of an immediate family member, 70% of the payment shall be refunded within a month from the date of notifying the accrediting body. To qualify for the refund, you must send a statement from a medical practitioner to the centre stating the reason for not attending the examination.
6. A confirmation of entry giving the exam details will be emailed to candidates on the day of the registration. You must ensure that you are available on all days relating to your examination. The exam dates are fixed and cannot be changed.
7. The name(s) provided here will appear on any issued unit certificate qualification parchment; forename (given name) will be followed by surname (family name).
8. PLEASE NOTE that a change is payable if any certificate has to be reissued due to incorrect information being entered here