Crowd Management

This course enables participants to recognize the dynamics of a crowd, to understand the behavior of people alone versus in groups, and to allow those involved with crowd management to control the situation professionally while mitigating the risk to people through crowd safety

Visitor Management Safety Training

The course examines the design and management principles and practices of sustainable visitor experiences in tourism, hospitality and event operations and destinations.

Developing Effective Communication Skills for the Workplace

Through this course, we aim to help each participant build on their communication strengths and learn new and interesting techniques to add to their skillset. We also provide personalized and constructive feedback to each participant making the learning from each module valuable and lasting.

Planning and Delivering Guided Tours

This will help you develop ideas for your tour, give you an idea of what is already in the marketplace, give you detailed information on terms and conditions and provide possible ideas for brochure design and content

International Protocol & Business and Diplomatic Etiquette

Highly interactive and dynamic , designed to empower your professional, business & diplomatic competency and to sharpen your multi-cultural communication skills

Emergency Preparedness and Evacuation

Help you create an emergency preparedness plan that you can feel comfortable with in the event of a natural disaster

Problem Solving in a Work-related Environment

The problem-solving methods covered in this session can help trainees identify and resolve work problems more quickly and effectively, change employee behaviors and attitudes toward problems and, consequently, be more empowered and successful at work.

Keeping Yourself Safe and Others from COVID-19

Course provides employees and staff with the essentials you need to know about infection prevention and control against COVID-19 among the team.

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