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Health and Safety Consultancy Services

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QHSE International has a team of consultants equipped with expertise and experience in helping organization in developing system in line with Health, Safety and Environment ensuring that they are complying with the local and international standards and regulations.  We provide consultancy services to help our clients get the best from their workforce, their suppliers and the sites in which they operate.


We visit and analyze your business

Our representative and consultant will visit and analyze your organization’s needs related to Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental  system.

We focus on Quality

We provide the appropriate procedures, documentation, training and due diligence measures in place., with best practices and cost saving initiatives.

You will  have your system in place

We ensure at the end of service we have provided the Health and Safety solution to your organization’s needs and comply with every aspect of health and safety legislation.


QHSE International is an experienced Management Systems Consultant offering a range of Management Systems services, including development, review/update, auditing/gap analysis, and the project management of implementation.

Our services include:

  • ISO 45001 : 2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System.
  • ISO 9001 : 2015 Quality Management System.
  • ISO 14001 : 2015 Environmental Management System.
  • ISO 27001 Information Security Management System
  • Integrated Management System.
  • Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP).
  • Health, Safety and Environment Plan.
  • OSHAD Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

For all these types of management system, QHSE International can assist you with:

  • Development of a Management System compliant with the relevant Standards and Legislation.
  • Review, audit or update the Management System.
  • Development of policies, procedures and forms tailored specifically to your organisation’s operations.
  • Staff consultation and training for the implementation of the Management System.
  • Build organisational capacity for ongoing review and continuous improvement of the Management System.

Competent and highly qualified consultants can undertake risk assessments in conjunction with client representatives. 

QHSE International have safety professionals with training, knowledge and experience across many sectors and are able to provide the best person and most competent person for the nature of the work.

Risk assessments are conducted in conjunction and consultation with client representatives to ensure the quality and validity of the risk assessment as well as raising health and safety awareness with the client’s personnel.

QHSE International can provide risk assessments systems, formats and templates for client use and also develop training programs that include training on the specific risk assessment methodologies adopted and utilized by the client.

As an integral part of Fire Protection System in order to protect life and assets, we also develop fire evacuation plans as per the UAE Civil Defense Codes of Practice.

We provide the entire range of:

  1. Fire risk assessments.
  2. Fire Escape Route Plans and drawings.
  3. Acrylic panel and standoff screws

Best quality of Fire Escape Route Plan is provided by us to customers as per their requirements.

We believe we are one of the most trusted names in between the topmost companies in this domain with our vast industrial experience and expertise, engaged in Health and Safety. This Fire Escape Route Plan is designed by our skilled professionals.

QHSE International will create and design Emergency Plans according to your building blueprint with particular emphasis in ensuring the safety of people staying in buildings.

The Evacuation Plan comes with an acrylic panel and standoff screws upon delivery.

Organizations are recognizing that they need to continually up skill employees with new competencies to enable them to undertake new or existing roles and responsibilities more effectively.

The challenge to organizations is to identify where the skills gap exist, what training is required and how to ensure that the training undertaken with reduced budgets actually meets objectives – and also provides the individual and organization with a return on investment.

QHSE International helps organizations identify skills gaps and approach training in a holistic and, more importantly, cost-effective way. With QHSE International’s engagement with the public and private sectors, our experts will identify the skills gaps an organization will need to fill and recommend appropriate training solutions. Whether it is gaps in finance, governance, fraud, procurement, contract management, HR, Operations, business partnering or other skills, we can pinpoint exactly what needs to be done.

QHSE International will do:

  • Identify any gaps in your employees’ training.
  • Offer a tailored learning and development solution that is at the core of your organizational development.
  • Challenge your assumptions on what training is really required.

We conduct Safety Audits for the purpose of health, safety, and fire hazard identification. During these surveys, assessments are made for compliance to applicable regulations and fire codes as well as the detection of unsafe hazards.

A safety officer is a key professional in the work environment. Safety Officers provide safety management, advice, monitoring and reporting in the workplace, and engage staff in programs that ensure safe practice in the workplace.

QHSE International is providing licensed and trained safety professionals who can look after your site and deliver induction and tool box talks to site workers.

our safety officers speaks English, Arabic, Hindi and Urdu.

The purpose of a construction environmental management plan is to outline how a construction project will avoid, minimize or mitigate effects on the environment and surrounding area.

QHSE International will create a plan that details the implementation of measures in accordance with environmental commitments outlined in; an Environmental Statement, an environmental policy or environmental plan, requirements of planning conditions, Section 106 agreements or other legislative requirements.

  • Is a project-specific quality plan that describes the activities, standards, tools and processes necessary to achieve quality in the delivery of a project.
  • Planning for project quality in advance allows you to understand possible problems and investigate root causes of those problems.
  • QHSE International will create a high-performance quality plan that includes all the tasks and activities required for setting up quality targets, assuring expected performance levels, controlling changes occurring in the project, and implementing the quality management process.


  • Assistance with compiling Pre-Construction Information
  • Construction Phase Health and Safety Plans
  • Risk Assessments
  • Method Statements
  • Site Inspections and Audits
  • Training
  • Client Health and Safety questionnaires
  • Incident Investigations
  • Safe Systems of Work (SSOW)
  • Employee Training programs
  • Risk Assessments of Equipment & Machinery
  • Fire Risk Assessments
  • Noise Assessments
  • Working in Confined Spaces
  • Safety Audits
  • Safety Inspections
  • Annual Action Plans
  • Fire Risk Assessments
  • Fire Evacuation Procedure Training (Fire Marshals Training)
  • DSE Risk Assessments
  • Manual Handling Risk Assessments and Training
  • Ergonomic Risk Assessment
  • Disablement Access Audits
  • Premises Risk Assessments
  • Electrical PAT Testing
  • Safe Systems of Work (SSOW)
  • Risk assessments
  • Safety audits
  • Safety inspections
  • Training programs
  • Annual action plans
  • Accident Investigation
  • Working From Heights
  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • Fire Marshall Training
  • Food Hygiene Training
  • Disability Access Audits
  • Control of Contractors
  • Manual Handling Training
  • HACCP Compliance
  • All Risk Assessments
  • Portable Appliance Testing
  • Lone Working Risk Assessment
  • Fire Risk Assessments
  • Periodic Electrical Testing
  • Legionella Risk Assessments
  • Asbestos Surveys
  • Fire Marshall Training
  • Control of Contractors
  • Evacuation Plan
  • Risk Assessment
  • Ergonomics
  • Training
  • ISO Consultancy
  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • HSE Policy


Request a call from the team for details.

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