19 08, 2020

Manual Handling

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Manual Handling Introduction: designed to support employees responsible for transporting heavy loads by hand (including lifting, putting down, pushing, pulling, carrying or moving). Our courses will also prepare employees to carry out comprehensive manual handling risk assessments in the workplace. Course Duration: 6hrs Register Here

19 08, 2020

HSE Awareness

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HSE Awareness Introduction: Course will teach you the practices and techniques which construction firms can use to keep customers, employees, and the general public safe. Health and safety management is essential for any construction venture, which have high incidences of hazard and injury. Course Duration: 6hrs Register Here

19 08, 2020

Infection Prevention and Control

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Infection Prevention and Control Introduction: It explains infection prevention and control in the workplace, standard precautions of infection control, common infections and modes of transmission, how to identify and report situations that pose a risk for infection to control the spread of infection. Course Duration: 6hrs Register Here

19 08, 2020

Excavation Safety Awareness

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Excavation Safety Awareness Introduction: course provides the learner with the necessary skills to successfully manage the emergency evacuation of staff, or a building, should an emergency arise. Course Duration: 6hrs Register Here

19 08, 2020

Personal Protective Equipment Awareness

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Personal Protective Equipment Awareness Introduction: The course looks at legislation relating to PPE, the various types of PPE that protect workers from hazards, and how to determine the need for PPE. With this knowledge, learners will be fully prepared to select and use PPE properly so health and safety is upheld at work. Course Duration: 6hrs Register Here

19 08, 2020

Introduction to Ergonomics

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Introduction to Ergonomics Introduction: Discussions, demonstrations and exercises explain the importance of keeping employees free from ergonomic injuries. You’ll also learn how to recognize risk factors, conduct an ergonomic worksite analysis, evaluate and rank hazards, and select appropriate control methods. Course Duration: 6hrs Register Here

19 08, 2020

Slip Trip Fall

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Slip Trip Fall Introduction: Course shows how to control the slip, trip and fall risks in your workplace so that you can protect yourself from accidents and comply with your workplace’s health and safety requirements. Course Duration: 6hrs Register Here

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