Upskill your team with Environmental Sustainability Skills for the Workplace

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Upskill your team with Environmental Sustainability Skills for the Workplace.    Business owners, corporations, and factory owners need to have solid foundation in environment and sustainability with which to build their knowledge on bringing sufficient business benefits.   IEMA as leading professional body in area of environment and sustainability. They have designed various courses to meet learners need for knowledge and development with different job designations and responsibilities. This enables the workforce to comprehend the [...]


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QHSE International’s online training will equip you with knowledge and expertise that supports your drive to increase efficiency and to develop important skills that will enhance your opportunities to exceed client’s expectations.   Our training solutions and our different learning platforms are designed to meet your requirements to ensure that it blends with the learner’s needs.  Avail our offer and secure your place with the following courses:  ONLINE CLASSROOM   FREE COURSE   NEBOSH International Diploma  1 ISO Internal Auditor Training  NEBOSH International General Certificate  1 Highfield UK Short Course  NEBOSH [...]

Why QHSE International your best choice for online courses?

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Why is QHSE International your best choice for Online courses?  There are so many different online platforms available for HSE training. Some have had their courses online for some time and some starting launching their online learning ever since the pandemic COVID – 19 began.    So why choose our online learning program?  Here’s why! QHSE International have innovated different online platforms suitable to the needs of its learners. The team have come up with 3 separate platforms that blend with learner’s different study styles.   E-learning program- An online access and a [...]

Are you an aspiring HSE professional staying at home because of COVID-19? This won’t stop you from doing something productive

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Are you an aspiring HSE professional staying at home because of COVID-19? This won’t stop you from doing something productive As observed, the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases has been inclining on a daily basis. The Knowledge and Human Development Authority have suspended the classes in all educational facilities as part of protective measures to cease the transmission of the said viral infection, as some of the reported cases are from schools.  [...]

Your Guide to Finding the Right Health and Safety Training Provider

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With so many training providers claiming to be the best, the most affordable or even having unbeatable packages in the market, candidates, nevertheless, end up being burnt by some of these providers by making false promises, unveiling hidden costs, little or no training, or even getting candidates stranded after registering them with a provider that is already suspended. This blog is written to guide you on how to find the right health and [...]


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CREATING QUALITY CULTURE Maintaining a leadership emphasis on quality. Even when executives have the best intentions, there are often gaps between what they say and what they do. As a result, employees get mixed messages about whether quality is truly important .In QHSE International, equality is the key of our excellent quality within the management, clients, guests and students. Building a culture of quality learning atmosphere and interactive style stands us out and [...]

Advantages of becoming a Health & Safety expert in Dubai, Abu Dhabi UAE

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Nebosh course in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE There is a huge market for health and safety practitioners in UAE as companies look for well certified and experienced professionals to safeguard their workers and properties from accidents and any unfortunate loss or disasters. Most organisations expect that Safety professionals are well aware of safety standards and procedures. NEBOSH International General Certificate (IGC) is one of the most sought after qualification of which companies look for in the resume [...]

What is the difference between NEBOSH, IOSH and OSHA?

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Many students & professionals ask us the difference between NEBOSH, IOSH & OSHA which are demanded by organisations for the jobs in the Occupational Health and Safety field. NEBOSH “National Examination Board in Occupational Health and Safety” NEBOSH is a UK-based independent examination board delivering vocational qualifications in health, safety & environmental practice and management. NEBOSH does not deliver courses. It develops syllabuses for its qualifications and sets methods of assessment, such as [...]