Risk Assessment: Why Facility Management Companies should consider?

Health and safety management for residential, commercial, and retail properties is critical. Fire safety, asbestos management, water safety, and electrical safety can all lead to damaging incidents that have serious consequences for residents’ health and safety, as well as the image and the property management company’s financial success.

Risk assessments are essential to guaranteeing that health and safety standards are met in your facility. The goal of a risk assessment is to properly identify the hazard or risk and then reduce or eliminate it through the implementation of specific safety measures and procedures. Staff must then be informed and trained on these policies and procedures. There are five major areas that require an adequate risk assessment: fire safety, electrical safety, hazardous substances, asbestos, and working at heights.

Facilities management companies should guarantee that the health and safety standards are met; it also means that the  team should conduct routine maintenance checks and to be available for reactive maintenance as necessary. The team will be in full control of finding solutions recognized by the company owner, including risk assessments and repairs.

QHSE International has team of experts that can help Facility Management companies to conduct facility Health and Risk Assessment, provide recommendations and other HSE solutions.

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