Are you looking for Safety Officer or HSE Officer for your upcoming event? QHSE International can help you with that!

What are the responsibilities of Safety Officer?

  • Prior to the event, the Safety Officer should be very familiar with your site layout, the event’s emergency and risk management plans, and the venue’s evacuation plans.
  • Before the public arrives, the Safety Officer should inspect the site for any safety issues and report them to the event manager so that they can be addressed as soon as possible.
  • Implement the Event Safety plan by;
    • Manage hazards and remove/minimise/isolate hazards using the Hazard Identification Checklist
    • Ensure all members/management and other involved parties are aware of the Event Safety plan and how to adhere to the health and safety/emergency procedures.
    • Report all major accidents to OSH
    • Oversee the implementation of the strategies in the Event Safety plan.

Expected Knowledge / Experience / Skills of Safety Officers
(the expertise needed to perform the job to the required standard)
• Knowledge and experience of safety  arrangements in crowded places, including counter terror experience.
• Experience of fulfilling a role in spectator safety management at sporting events.
• Gained local and international qualifications
• Strong leadership, organisational and communication skills to individuals and large teams.
• Ability to work in pressurized environment and make sound and timely decisions.
• Customer service awareness and how it relates to event safety.
• Ability to formulate and deliver detailed operational plans, including dealing with contingency planning and risk assessments.
• Must be able to work with minimum supervision and manage time and priorities accordingly.

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