Dear NEBOSH Learners,

With regards to the changes with IOSH recognition of NEBOSH qualifications, any NEBOSH learner who takes/has taken their qualification assessment outside of the UK will not be eligible to use their NEBOSH qualification towards IOSH membership unless they have registered/enrolled with NEBOSH by 31 August 2022. Since IOSH membership is important to some, below are important information for our Learners:

  • NEBOSH qualification holders whose parchment features an SQA Accreditation logo do not need to take any action. They can continue to use their qualification towards membership applications as normal according to IOSH’s rules at the time of application.
  • NEBOSH qualification holders who took their assessments outside of the UK, whose parchment does not feature an SQA Accreditation logo and who want to apply for IOSH membership, can still do so, provided they were registered or enrolled with NEBOSH before 31 August 2022. Their parchment will be printed with a declaration date and this will provide evidence of their inclusion on NEBOSH systems before the 31 August 2022 deadline.
  • Learners who intend to take a NEBOSH assessment outside of the UK and use the associated qualification towards IOSH membership must have registered or enrolled on NEBOSH systems (via their Learning Partner) by 31 August 2022 and have completed their qualification by 31 August 2024.**

Action required by NEBOSH from Learners:

To allow NEBOSH to complete the associated administration tasks by the above deadline, you must

Note: This enrolment is only for the eligibility of your NEBOSH qualification towards IOSH Membership. This is not an IOSH Membership.


Proof of registration/enrolment

If a learner would like to use their NEBOSH qualification towards IOSH membership in the future, they may be required to show proof that they were registered with NEBOSH by the 31 August 2022 deadline:

  • Diploma learners – automatically receive an email upon enrolment and can use this as evidence of enrolment before the 31 August 2022 deadline.
  • General Certificate learners – once we have received the learner data requested above then we will issue an email to all of these learners which they can use as proof of being on NEBOSH systems before the deadline.

We recommend that learners keep these emails safe in the event they are required.

Check here for the full details