How we can help Retail Companies in managing their Health and Safety| Consultancy Services

All retail operations must adhere to health and safety laws in order to reduce workplace risks and dangers and to provide a safe and secure working environment for all retail employees. We cooperate with you to make sure environmental, social, and corporate governance  remains a top focus since we recognize that each firm has specific HSE components and requirements..

Common Hazards in a retail workplace.

  1. Excessive Physical effort.

Continuous working hours and  excessive physical exertion can have a variety of effects on individuals. For some, it may result in little to no pain or suffering, while for others, it may be crippling and may adversely affect the productivity.

  1. Manual Handling:

Strains, sprains, and other significant injuries can be brought on by improper lifting, pushing, pulling, lowering, and twisting of materials. Potential dangers can be influenced by poor technique, physical limitations, underlying conditions, and other relevant problems.

  1. Slips, Trips, and Falls.:

Considering the heterogeneous nature of products in a retail industry, chances of trips , slips and falls are very high. Trips and slips can cause both customers and employees to fall, but many can be avoided with good upkeep, maintenance, and housekeeping.

4.Working At Height

Work should always be done at ground level wherever possible to reduce the risk of falling. This is frequently accomplished by optimizing the shelving design.

When operating at a height, provide ladders and steps that are secure and safe.

  • Teach employees how to securely operate at heights, such as without reaching too far or putting ladders on uneven surfaces.

How we can help you?

Risk assessment for health and safety in retail

The need for regular and thorough workplace risk assessments to be carried out in the workplace so that risks can be identified and employers can either eliminate them entirely or take the necessary steps to minimize them. there is. The assessment should cover all hazards in the retail environment that could cause harm. To ensure proper retail health and safety

As an employer you must complete a separate fire risk assessment and assign a ‘Responsible Person’ to take appropriate action to prevent fires and protect building users in the event of a fire.

We can help you with ;

  • Conducting risk assessments
  • Running accident investigations
  • Conducting fire assessments
  • Compiling HSE Manual and reports
  • Training tailored to each employee’s job nature.

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