When someone gets hurt at work, the consequences can be serious and wide ranging The injured person can lose income and benefits. The organization loses an experienced worker and could face production slowdowns, fines, or higher insurance premiums. company morale and reputation can also take a hit.

That’s why safety officers are so important, their job is to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses by identifying risks, enforcing safety legislation and making sure everyone follows the right procedure.

Thinking about becoming a HSE officer? wondering what it takes to get hired?


  • Resilience–. The modern workplace is agile and ever –evolving. It is crucial that HSE professionals are able to capitalize on opportunities to adept in the face of changes and challenging circumstances. HSE leaders are creating a shift that requires individuals to bounce back and be resilient in the face of adversity. The ability to embrace change and tackle setbacks head on will help individuals drive the HSE agenda forward
  • Communication Skills– Being a good communication is one of top safety officer qualification. This job involves dealing with people at all levels of an organization. You need to be able to get your message across clearly and effectively, both in person and writing
  • Health and Safety Certification – A lot of employers like to hire safety officers who have certification in, Nebosh, IOSH etc. Having these certificate tells you’ve met a high standard of training and have the knowledge and experience to add real value to the team.
  • Knowledge of Safety Regulations- Since a big part of a safety officer’s job is enforcing safety legislation, you need to have a solid grasp of the relevant laws and regulations.
  • Computer Skills – As a HSE professional, you will be expected to write many reports and deliver many presentations That’s why employer want people. Who know their way around standard Microsoft application like word and PowerPoint
  • Observation skills – HSE professional need to be able to spot potential hazard, during work through and inspections. That requires Top notch observation skill. You need to recognize hazards and unsafe condition so that you can take steps to deal with them.
  • Problem –solving and decision making skills – When it comes to safety, sound decision making is crucial. You will be called upon to assess safety – related problems and develop recommendations base on your findings. That means you need to be able gather relevant data analyze it and come up with a solution
  • Organization Skills– The ability to juggle multiple projects is a key safety officer skill. You will likely have several projects on the go at any given time. You need to be able to prioritize tasks. If you can stay organized and function effectively in a fast paced environment, you will be more attractive to potential employment.
  • Relationship and Consensus Building skills – HSE professional must adept at establishing productive relationship with both employee and managers. You need to able to convince people to accept your safety recommendations and buy in to your proposed policies.
  • Dedication to continual Improvement –  Employees value HSE Professional who are always striving to find new ways to avoid accidents and keep   people safe, they are looking to continuously improve safety awareness and training to minimize illness injuries among works dedication to continual improvement –  employes value safety officers who are always striving to find new ways to avoid accidents and keep people safe, they are looking to continuously improve safety awareness and training to minimize illness injuries among works

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