Make your workplace safe by managing the risks

Risks  defined as the potential threats to a business, organisation or individuals with the probability of occurrence. Definition of risk may slightly vary from one to another according to the perspectives (Business, Consumers, Employees, Environment, etc.). Since risks are defined as threats or opportunities to the organisation, managing risks play a crucial part to the development of your business and safety of your workers at the workplaces and within the premises.

Basically, risk management is the process of identifying, analysing, evaluating, and controlling potential threats and hazards to a business or organisations. Ways to control risks are different from one organisation to another.

As health and safety professionals, risks need to be identified clearly, analysed precisely, and managed effectively.

Natural disasters are also considered as the risks to the business or organisations. (e.g., earthquakes)

Strategies to enhance managing risks in your workplace includes:

  • Ensure everyone is aware of their activities, tasks, and responsibilities.
  • Identify the risks as early as possible and manage them right away.
  • Risk somehow can be an opportunity, manage them positively.
  • Learn from past mistakes. Make sure the it wont be repeated.
  • Document all risks, improve information sharing and accountability.
  • Have proactive monitoring and review. It is important to have risk management process in place

Importance of Risks Management in HSE

Risk management in HSE is important for the following reasons or more

  • To prevent the hazards to the workers and business
  • To identify the threats at the workplace and to the business
  • To lessen the severity of threats or potential incidents when it occurs
  • To reduce potential hazards and threats to the organisation
  • Poor risk management plan makes the business and organisation weaker and may even cause loss of lives especially the workers.

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