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how stephen achieved an distinction mark in NEBOSH IGC

How Stephen achieved a DISTINCTION mark in NEBOSH IGC?

My name is Osinachi Stephen Mbachu, I was born in Nigeria, I come from the Igbo people who are widely known as Biafra’s in all of Africa.
As a prominent and highly skilled young man I struggled to register for NEBOSH IGC in 2019 and faithfully did the first OBE in August 06, 2020 and failed IG1. I never relaxed, I did the IG1 again in December 02, 2020 and passed successfully. I enrolled in NEBOSH IGC to have the opportunity to improve my career, skills, knowledge, experience and qualification to suit the job factors and to increase the quality of life for everyone by reducing accidents.

The Unit IG1, Element 1: Managing of Workplace Hazards, such as morale, financial and legal reasons for managing health and safety in the workplace was the topic that inspired me the most.

Achieving the NEBOSH International General Certificate has a huge impact in my career because it provides me with a lot of knowledge about many common
dangers in the workplace, but many health and safety jobs and potential employers demand that applicants to hold a NEBOSH International General Certificate qualification before they will even consider them for the available position.

There can be no doubt that the NEBOSH International General Certificate is one of the most challenging health and safety qualifications to pass, primarily due to its scope in terms of the amount of information covered by the course syllabus and the time and dedication needed to study and revise. This additional time is something that many potential candidates forget before they enroll. Note: there is a significant amount of time required for self-study and revision for the assessments. It’s important to put your full time and effort to pass the qualification. So ultimately, many potential candidates will be wondering if the  NEBOSH IGC is worth the time and effort necessary to achieve it. YES, despite being quite an expensive and time-consuming course, achieving NEBOSH IGC is  definitely worth the effort, time, and money for those who are serious about a career in a health and safety role.

Finally, it was a good thing  enrolling with QHSE International, which apparently became the best thing that ever happened to me. In my quest for knowledge and professional excellence while looking for something significant to add to my certificates. QHSE International has a prolific  quality service, great training materials and timely online support. I personally have passed many courses with QHSE International  and would recommend them to everyone I come across. They have the best value for money , outstanding service, professional and friendly staff and that they will go extra mile to support their students.