What you need to know about the closing interview ?

Are you one of the candidates who have done the first batch of NEBOSH Open Book Examination? Have you prepared for your CLOSING INTERVIEW?

Here are the guidelines that NEBOSH have given in preparation for your closing interview.

  • The closing interview can be done via video link and will be conducted by an interviewer nominated by your Learning Partner.
  • You need to bring any of these documents for identification purposes:Passport, Driving License, or National Identity card.
  • You will be notified by your Learning Partner for the date and time for your closing interview. This can be accessed through smart phone, tablet or desktop.
  • Interviews must be done alone in a private room, unless subject for some reasonable adjustments (such us caring children or vulnerable person). Reasonable adjustments need to be approved by NEBOSH.

Things to expect during the interview:

  • You will be asked to show your identification to the interviewer and this will be cross-checked with the registration details.
  • You will also be asked to show your room, to make sure that there is no available notes or electronic devices that you can access during the interview.
  • The interviewer will ask you questions based on your open book examination. This is to satisfy that the output submitted was your own work and did not ask for any assistance in completing the assessment.

If the interviewer is convinced that the output is your own , your mark will be declared in line with published NEBOSH timeframes.  If unsatisfactory, the learning partner will notify NEBOSH and you will be contacted for the next step of possible next interview.

You have nothing to worry upon attending the Closing Interview as this will only to assess that your output is your personal work and this will not affect your exam marking.

Best of luck!

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