Things you need to know about NEBOSH Open Book Examination

An Open Book Examination is when candidates are allowed to take with them into notes, texts and or other resource materials.

The NEBOSH open book examination will allow a candidate to sit for the NEBOSH examinations on your own, at the place of your convenience which will enable the individual concentrate for the assessment. During the NEBOSH open book examination, candidates will have up to 24 hours to complete the examination, though it usually should be take about 4 to 5 hours to complete.


Candidates should take note that no matter what format the exams will be set, it all relates to the course syllabus and the learning outcomes studied.

Candidates should not think that an OBE is the easy option. Organizations around the world trusts NEBOSH for being able to provide pertinent and diligent qualifications and evaluations. Students should take note that the questions asked will be different from those previously asked during closed book assessments.

Candidates will be present will be presented with examples that shows a realistic workplace and situations; and the be asked to carry out a sequence exercises using evidences presented in the scenarios as well as the support knowledge you acquired during your studies.

Candidates should expect being posed questions like HOW? WHY? WHAT? WHERE AND COULD? That will not only determine what your know how but also understanding.

Benefits of the Open Book Examination

Some of the benefits of the OBE includes:

–              Candidates are not required to complete the examination in one go. This gives them enough time to review your sources and to apply your know-how.

–              You are not required to be working all the time.

–              You are given a 24hour window which will enable you reflect the fact that there are NEBOSH learners in different time zones and everyone will have work and other obligations.

–              This will also enable you to plan your work and also deal with unforeseen circumstances like slow internet connections or other technical issues.

–              Provides candidates with a second chance to obtain knowledge and also gather suitable learning rather than recalling.

–              Enhance the retrieval skills in remembering things for a longer period and also candidates us ingenious means to collect important and necessary data from different sources.

–              Enables candidates to get more knowledge as they are gather same information from different sources which enables them to gain a better understanding of that particular question.

Avoid Malpractice

Although NEBOSH has introduced the open book system, still candidates must avoid plagiarism and ensure that the work done is entirely their own. Also, they should know that the work will be verified by a closing interview.

Things you CAN DO

–              Candidates are permitted to use resources like notes, textbooks, online resources and other learning materials.

–              Candidates are allowed to look up data or information using offline and online resources like textbooks, and make use of the internet.

–              You will have to clearly indicate the presence of all the materials you have used or taken references from in a reference list.

Things Candidates MUST NOT DO

Candidates should know that the entire exams will be LIVE and as such candidates are prohibited from:

–              Being in contact with the LP staff on assessment topics.

–              They are not allowed to communicate with other learners.

–              Demand advice or help from friends, family, members and other proof readers.

–              Copy answers directly from references. They are to put their answers in their own words applying knowledge gained during training.

Things to note

–              Candidates must Sign Up to a “Learner Statement” which will confirm you understand and abide by NEBOSH rules on plagiarism and collusion.

–              In an open book examination, individuals must submit their own work without help from friends or relatives.

–              All open book examinations will be marked NEBOSH examiners and inspected for plagiarism and collusion.

–              Candidates should note that NEBOSH reserves the right to use plagiarism and collusion checkers.

–              After examinations, your learning partner (LP) will contact you to perform a closing interview. This interview is meant to acknowledge that whatever work you have submitted is entirely your own.

We hope the information provided is enough and  will help you prepare for your NEBOSH Open Book Examination. Best of luck!

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things you need to know about nebosh examination