Fire is one of the leading causes of business interruption around thwhat course can upgrade your career in fire safety?e world and the impact of fire can at times be devastating as it could lead to the loss of life, loss of reputation, increased premiums with an associated loss of confidence in that organisation by stakeholders.

Number of fire cases globally has been recorded and in some countries, local government has come up with mandatory fire safety training to educate people on the causes of fire so that organisations can have preventative measures and emergency preparedness.

Aside from basic Fire Safety courses that training providers are delivering, there are specialized and advanced safety courses that ables the learners to gain professional progression. NEBOSH as a global organization that provides health and safety qualifications has designed a course specialized in Fire Safety and Risk Management.  

What are the benefits of  NEBOSH International Certificate in Fire Safety and Risk Management?

For Individuals:

Gaining the qualification will give learners the edge on their application especially in the field of Fire Safety and Risk Management.  The course is beneficial to those who have fire safety responsibilities at work, this will give them a broader understanding and expand their capabilities that could help their career advancement, and execute their job responsibilities in more effective ways.


For Employers:

Employing certified candidates of NEBOSH IFC are assets to businesses as they have gained enough knowledge in the field, and this provides assurance to employers that the team will be able to achieve the international standards set and making businesses more progressive.

Things you will know with NEBOSH International Certificate in Fire Safety and Risk Management

The NEBOSH International Certificate in Fire Safety and Risk Management covers the following key topics:

  • Management of health and safety
  • Managing fire safety
  • Principles of fire and explosion
  • Causes and prevention of fires and explosions
  • Fire protection in buildings
  • Safety of people in the event of fire
  • Fire safety risk assessment

Learners will be able to complete a fire safety risk assessment of a workplace. In particular, to:

  • Identify fire hazards in the workplace
  • Identify persons who could be at risk should a fire start
  • Assess the adequacy of existing fire safety measures to control risk
  • Assess the risk of fire occurring
  • Assess and demonstrate understanding of the speed at which fire and smoke could spread once started
  • Assess the risk to persons from fire
  • Where necessary, recommend additional fire safety measures to further reduce risk
  • Recommend a risk assessment review date

The course is composed of 3 units

  • IGC1: Management of international health and safety
  • IFC1: International fire safety and risk management
  • FC2: Practical Fire Risk Assessment

You will get exemption from UNIT IGC1 when you have achieved the following:

  • International General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety – mark achieved for Unit IGC1
  • International Certificate in Construction Health and Safety – mark achieved for Unit IGC1
  • International Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety (Unit IA or whole qualification)

The course will run for 9 days and QHSE International offers Friday Classes you can join to. You can proceed with Online Registration and contact the team for more details.