Why is QHSE International your best choice for Online courses? 

There are so many different online platforms available for HSE training. Some have had their courses online for some time and some starting launching their online learning ever since the pandemic COVID – 19 began.   

So why choose our online learning program? 

Here’s why! QHSE International have innovated different online platforms suitable to the needs of its learners. The team have come up with 3 separate platforms that blend with learner’s different study styles.  

  • E-learning program– An online access and a digital study material will be given to the learners. This will enable learners to have the access on the material anytime and anywhere they want.  
  • Online Classroom program– As part of the institutes’ aim to deliver the course out of the learner’s convenience without compromising the quality of the course, the institute has launched a virtual learning program that enables learners to interact with the tutor, able to view the presentation and share files. The institute also has made it more learner-friendly by having the audio and chatting features.  
  • Distance Learning program.- Numerous learners would like to have a well-guided program, despite the manner to have it as self-study. QHSE International has designed this Distance Learning Program, providing the learners an online lesson guide, videos and links to support their program.  

The Key Features that makes our platform special are: 

  • Latest updated material- QHSE International makes sure that you are up to date. The online programs are consisting of the latest syllabus per course.  
  • Linked videos – To broaden learners understanding, videos have been attached series on the platform to illustrate the topics better.  
  • Articles- From well-experienced and reliable content writers, the program is also consists of articles to provide learns further references for the topics.  
  • Case studies- To exercise learner’s practical ability, case studies will help them think more critically and widen their understanding on the actual application of the course on site or on their assigned jobs.  
  • Online self-assessment– With that, the learner will be able know his strengths and weaknesses 
  • Examiners report on the latest exam questions – This will give the learners understanding on what the assessors look for, the marking scheme and the lessons learnt.  
  • WhatsApp group – This opens a channel for a group of candidates to share and discuss course related matters.  
  • Email or Chat with the trainer – The platform has the feature for you to connect with the qualified trainer for help.  
  • Trainers are all experienced – QHSE International only hires qualified and competent trainer, as we believe quality training is what our client deserves.  
  • User friendly – The online platform is not complicated and a demo video has been put in place for ease of understanding on the features available.   

QHSE International offers a wide-range of Health and Safety courses in these 3 platforms. The institute has proven it’s competence on the ample years it has been educating the aspiring professionals and also those who’d like to progress their careers in Health and Safety.  

This is the best time to embark a career in Health and Safety!  Enroll now!