Are you an aspiring HSE professional staying at home because of COVID-19? This won’t stop you from doing something productive

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As observed, the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases has been inclining on a daily basis. The Knowledge and Human Development Authority have suspended the classes in all educational facilities as part of protective measures to cease the transmission of the said viral infection, as some of the reported cases are from schools. 

With the help of advanced technology, online study program is now the new trend for those who would like to study health and safety courses at their own convenience. This also has been one of the best alternatives to continue the learning program despite the class suspensions imposed by the authorities due to this pandemic 

As the local government is pushing towards the stay home campaign, Training institutes, along with the awarding bodies had to quickly and effectively design a flexible and informative platform to minimize the delay on every learners program and to ensure the least disruption this may have on the learners.  

The benefits of E-learning are: 

Cost effective  

  • health and safety courses online saves you time and cost of travel, as it is a flexible platform that allows  to sit the course at your own convenience, anytime and anywhere around the world 


  • This would be convenient for the ones who work on a hectic schedule like different shifts or night shifts, remote areas, working 7 days a week and the ones who are not available for classroom training. E-learning program gives the privilege to schedule your training according to your commitments.   

Resourceful and consistent 

  • E-learning platforms are equipped with resources a learner must have. The study material is available upon access and can be read as many times as leaner wants. This enables learners to have a limitless review of the materials as they will be needing along the course. Unlike classroom training that some learners might find a tutor not effective for them or somehow giving them different point of view for the course, in E-learning this issue can be eliminated. As –learning is consistent with the information it is providing. It is also equipped with technical and professional support, thru calls or email.  

Encourages critical thinking.  

  • As observed within the classroom training, some learners can be found as inattentive and being dependent that they can just ask their tutors redundantly with the information they missed. However, in E-learning it encourages the learner to comprehend the material by reading each outline and undergo series of exercises. By this, it enables a learner to have the initiative to broaden their understanding and to think critically.  

Many professionals and aspiring ones are dismayed of the delay on their courses, this means a delay on meeting their goals, and that is to get certified. Institute provides an effective, flexible, and affordable online platforms to aid the needs of its candidates. Courses such as NEBOSH IGC and NEBOSH International Diploma are in demand by employers, making e-learning and distance learning now available to keep them on track with obtaining their course completions.  

Start your E-learning program and get certified without further delay.