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With so many training providers claiming to be the best, the most affordable or even having unbeatable packages in the market, candidates, nevertheless, end up being burnt by some of these providers by making false promises, unveiling hidden costs, little or no training, or even getting candidates stranded after registering them with a provider that is already suspended.

This blog is written to guide you on how to find the right health and safety training provider.

After some research and interviews, I have come up with the strategic approach on the points to consider in choosing the right training ground for you. Do a quick research about the institute by using the guide below:


In UAE, it is critical to have a license to provide training in order to be legal to operate and award certificates to individuals. Training centers in Dubai must obtain a training permit from the Knowledge and Human Development Authority “KHDA”.

Abu Dhabi and Al Ain needs Abu Dhabi Center for Technical and Vocational Education and Training “ACTVET)”to be a legal institution.


Accreditation is the process in which certification of competency, authority, or credibility is presented (Wikipedia). When choosing your training provider, it is necessary to check that it is approved by an accrediting body.  Visit the website of the accrediting body to see if the provider is listed. Like for example, if you want to do a NEBOSH IGC course with a certain provider, you should go to and look for the name of the institute and the same applies when you want other qualifications, such as: IOSH, British Safety Council International Diploma, IEMA, etc.

A center that is accredited ensures that a learner is receiving the latest syllabus and in case of complaints, the accrediting body will be able to guide and help you.


One of the major points to consider is to know if the provider is using qualified trainers. Trainers who are qualified by an accrediting body have been verified that their knowledge about the course and training experience is up to the standards. This ensures that the information you will be getting is updated, true and validated.


The reputation of a training provider is impacted by the service an organization delivers. It is important to know a training center’s reputation because it helps you distinguish one provider from another. This can be a deciding factor because by doing this, you will be able to understand the standard of service the institution provides.

Take time to visit the center’s website or Facebook page, read the reviews, check how many stars or see the recommendation. Browse the galleries or you can ask someone who studied in that institution for a feedback.


The key to good customer service is honesty. A sales person may sell you courses that are irrelevant to you but does not care as long he sold the product. This is plain selling. A good customer service must be an honest academic advisor. Choose an institution that will guide you on how to reach your goal, transparent with their services and those who are knowledgeable with the products they offer.


The cost of a course plays a big part in your decision. However, it may help if you weigh the money you pay vs. the services you will be receiving. Answer the questions below.

  1. Is the training provider licensed?
  2. Is the training provider accredited?
  3. Do they use qualified trainers and up-to-date books?
  4. Do they provide good service?
  5. Is the location accessible?
  6. Are they following the standard of the accrediting body? (duration of training, updated syllabus)

The above factors will determine if the cost you are paying is worth the service you will be getting.

  1.     TAKE A TOUR

After doing all your investigation, take time to visit the center of your choice. See the location, feel the environment of the institution, check the facilities and meet the staff. See their licenses, accreditation certificates and talk to the trainer if available.

Now that it’s time for you to make a choice, don’t worry about finding the best. You must make sure that all the choices are listed and then as you start eliminating ones that don’t fit the above guidelines, you will soon be clear on which training center to enroll. Happy hunting future health and safety leaders!

Author: Nikki Layson